Cal Skates Procurement


Alert Today – Alive Tomorrow delivered to Cal Skate, the very first shop to carry Cold War.

Square tail with shovel nose, 15″ wheelbase 9″ at widest.
Also available in 8 1/8″ wide popsicle w 14.25″ wheelbase.

Stay tuned to this frequency for other deliveries.

His job is skating pools


From Team Rider Dave Campbell:

“Skateboarding! Turning lives around since 1964….”

I gave Sam a couple stickers a couple weeks ago. I don’t know him very well, but when he showed me this I told him that between his old felony conviction and new facial tat, it looked like he really didn’t care about ever having a job. Without a pause his reply was ” I have a job- skating pools”

I had a mohawk from ’81-’83 but I was never really punk rock. I realize that now.

The Duck and Cover graphic used on stickers and skateboards (circa 2008)


Sam shoveling snow out of a Kansas City skatepark.


Shawn Reinert on Cold War

If you’ve been skating transition in the Portland Area for the last decade you’ve surely seen Shawn Reinert flying through the air and getting heckled for being a snowboarder, and we don’t care. And the fact that he’s riding an old model doesn’t mean anything! Welcome Shawn! – Dos Bowl photo by Dave Skidmore.